Thanks to our interface the Nintendo Game becomes a real Alpine ski training tool , and children and those who are not so much., can improve their ski , not getting  technicaly confused  by today's application / software if they are already skiers.



At last, children can develop ski skills while they are playing.

For the first time , a machine that basically is a technical tool for Alpine ski training , to develop the strength and ski movements , with the addition of our interface, and the help of Wii fit Balance Board , can be converted to a real fun / ski simulator ski machine.

Kids will ski trough the TV gates, developing stance, eye caching, canting, ski movement connection, anticipation, aim to race, etc.


Gains with no Pain?

We have work to leave the wii fit balance board as it is , but to transform the system in to a real ski platform , were outside ski is the outside ski and inside is the inside , not opposite as it is on the game . On the Alpine training bench interfaced with the Wii balance board , the pressure of outside ski canting is what determinates the turn radius.


  FUN and Same as in real skiing.!!!!


kids3    kids4