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We would like to introduce a new product that we look forward to facilitate the things to all those that sometimes must prepare winner award ceremonies of any type, especially interesting for all those ceremonies that take place in non-urbanized areas, such as the case of skiing, biking or some motorcycle racing, but also for recreational sports all entities that do not have a permanent place for this type celebrations, as usually happens with sailing, tennis or most schools who regularly organize such events.

It's a modular system made in light aluminium, that easily allows to get transported and to assemble one standard size sports podium in less than 5 minutes for a single person.


IN-Podium have ended with the storage and transportation problems of the standard structure of almost 2 mts length and 50 kg weight, which easily deteriorates with the shocks and storage dampness .

IN-Podium's weight is 14 Kg and once packet, its size is like a medium size suitcase (63 x 52 x 14 cm.), can be stored in any place without occupying unnecessary space and without deterioration.

Is easy for transport due  its handle provided, which fits in the trunk of any small car.

Assembly is really fast and no specialist needed. The main pieces always kept attached what makes the assembly sequence almost intuitive.

It is very important that nobody, under no circumstances get on to the podium before the 3 piece modules are completely assembled and inspected .This assures that the set has the precise resistance to support the 450Kg,  which allows that even the bigger winners could receive his prizes in a sure manner.