Dear Skiers:

We are proud to introduce you the new patent pending Alpine Ski Training Bench from IN TRAINERS™

What we have developed is a complete different concept in ski conditioning and learning .We do not depend on gravity and your weight any more, so you can from today train directed strength for skiing with as much resistance as you wish and free of any risk.

After concluding that ”just skiing on snow” is not enough for real technical ability advancements  and achieve the needed physical skills for better skiing and, being the improvement from winter to winter season that slow, we have started working in  a specific training tool that  contemplates 3 basic training aspects:

1) The training for alpine ski should be done with boots , be totally specific and to have the best possible transfer machine exercise / snow ski to  not just create one “off season” training tool but also a “during season” trainer and technique improver.

2) We have to be able to develop the real strength need for skiing in concentric as well as in eccentric motion, and not just develop VO max. Stance, dynamic balance, timing, has to be totally transferable to snow ski and flexibility has to be developed to increase the ranges of motion of joints and muscles involved  for better skiing and injury prevention.

3) The fitness should not be boring but a tool for ski teachers and trainers to transfer, before skiing , all the knowledge and exercises they will do on snow, in a fun way , and dramatically accelerating the learning curve of modern carving technique of the skier.

“We have reached our goals and fulfilled our wishes.”

We will keep developing training solutions with specific sports machinery to fulfill the challenges of sports fans and professionals.

The Alpine Ski Training Bench is now available to any skier .

From Spain, not a traditional winter sports country  but now with lots of alpine ski emerging skiers, we are convinced that with the appropriate training methods and tools we will achieve same ski results and excellence as we have reached already in many other outdoor sports.

We would like to invite you to deepen in all aspects about the Alpine Ski Training Bench in this web page and related videos.

Hope you will enjoy and realize of the dramatic advantages of the “whole year round training tool” and if you have any questions about, do not hesitate to contact us.

Isidre Nogueras


Barcelona . Sunday, 14 June 2009