Ski racers & Pros

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Alpine ski racing is a challenging sport, which involves dynamic balance, agility and strength.

On-slope training is limited to the forces we are able to handle on snow or ice.

As such, a dry land training tool is needed for optimal performance.

While strength training is important to the alpine ski racer, balance and agility are important too.

Sports medicine experts and movement scientists have found that the brain is better at memorizing movement patterns than muscular isolation.


Why the Alpine Ski Training Bench will make you a better racer :

  • Builds incredible strength, power, and muscular endurance in the legs, core, and back.

  • Dramatically increases your quickness and agility to be able to move  between gates.

  • Improves and corrects stance, balance and edging movements, from the ankle to the top.

  • Expands and offsets right and left side range of joint movement in all parts of the body used in alpine skiing.

  • Forces to make direction changes with skis on the ground, no jumping side to side, which will impact on technical improvements and better race times.

  • Works every small movement at low speed, without the centrifugal and gravity force helping to make them. Works with max loads and without injury risk.

  • Develops perception of body parts right position in the combined ski movement. We give a physical pattern for racer and trainer.

  • Provides max positive transfer possible Dry land ski on snow ski.