Training Specificity with the Alpine Ski Training Bench will help your Gym

  • Concentrating people with same sport interest, now dispersed all over and doing non specific routines.
  • Be able to give new quality training with a significant group difference: training with ski boots.
  • Helping skiers to improve their technique during the week, at any time, with specialized ski instructor. Like any winter resort is doing, you will be generating hour /session income.
  • Low cost new operation / investment.
  • Promoting your Gym during specific months of the year as pre-season ski training.


Training Specificity with the Alpine Ski Training Bench will help your Gym members

  • Increasing legs ability to ski all day long while reducing leg and lower back muscular fatigue.
  • Reducing the deep leg burn that forces to stop and rest several times during each run Less resting = more skiing!
  • Increasing control Less stumbling and missed turns!
  • Reducing your post-skiing leg and back soreness.

What happens without dry land ski training!!!!

My muscles were pretty well trained from mountain biking and climbing. My lungs accustomed to the high altitudes

The reality after one day skiing was:

Total neurological and physiological break down put me right in my place. Impact and eccentric loading were two major components, which I was NOT prepared at all

Eccentric loading is when a muscle simultaneously lengthens as it contracts. This is exactly what happens to the quads as you run down hill (decelerating), and the number one prescription for delayed on-set muscle soreness.

Ever notice that a day of skiing makes your legs really sore? This is impact and eccentric loading! A body needs some specific training to truly be ready to deal with absorbing impact (decelerating) on skis. The Alpine Ski Training Bench prepares you for the sport, but more important, it dramatically lessens your likely-hood of injury.

Once I have understood what it means to be really sore, I will sure prepare next ski season!!!